The Nationwide Difference

Nationwide is not like other stainless steel fabricators.  We pride ourselves on innovation and being able to handle the most creative of jobs.  With our customer-centric view, we have the unique ability and talent for Engineering products that our competitors don’t.  With over 150 years combined design and engineering experience, our solutions-based approach to design means we have the answers, many times before our customers have asked the questions!

We recently expanded our 50,000 square foot facility by 50%, which gives us additional space to continue to warehouse customer buys-outs when appropriate.  Additionally, we are able to stage delivery from our facility saving on transportation costs.     

While all fabricators are in the business of manufacturing equipment, Nationwide distinguishes itself through its collaborative design and engineering processes.  Working hand-in-hand with consultants and end-users we can find novel engineering solutions and hidden cost savings while maintaining design integrity.

At Nationwide we pride ourselves on doing the little things that make a big difference.  Here are few things we proudly do which are above industry standards:

  • Integrally formed drawer and door pulls;
  • Concealed magnetic catches;
  • Lighted controls for on/off switches, heat lamps, etc.
  • Reinforced edges
  • Controls mounted on outside of equipment
  • Clean design of electrical and utility elements
  • Condensing units that are connected by cord and plug
  • Adjustable glass rack slides
  • Mount condensing units on slide-outs for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Temperature controls and low pressure controls for added compressor protection
  • Cover all equipment with PVC plastic prior to shipping
  • Tack weld temporary legs to rear-wall mounted equipment
  • Install internal auxiliary fans for directional airflow
  • Provide three separate levels of Quality Assurance

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